Traditional Railings

Dowel Top Balusters

The Traditional Series Dowel Top Balusters are available with a
1 5/16″ bottom square in 36″, 38″, 40″, 42″ and 44″ lengths. The turning length is 28 1/4″ and the bottom square varies with the overall length of the baluster. The bottom dowel is 3/4″ diameter and 1″ long. Shown here in a Post-to-Post arrangement with newel post, hand and bottom rail. Balusters are available in Red Oak, Hard Maple and Soft Maple.

Volute and Newel Post

Traditional Series Volute Post available in 1 length; 48″ and one bottom square size;
2 3/4″. The turning length is 27 1/4″. Newel posts are available in three lengths; 43″, 48″,and 55″ and square sizes; 2 7/8″ (Hard Maple only), and 3″ (Red Oak only). The turning length is 20 1/4″ and all posts are available with a 10″ top square. Newel posts are available in Red Oak and Hard Maple.

Railing Styles

Handrail Components